photo by kira klemmer

UNGLOSSED was born from a cry for help. A cry for a value, for identity. A cry that rang and rang into a great void, echoing off diets, make-up, models, and fashion — and finding nothing.

We all know the promises. Diet for two weeks and ta da! A perfect body. Use this cream religiously and you’ll have perfect skin. This shampoo will transform your hair into perfect sexy bounces. This perfume will have boys licking your toes, serving up a perfect romance.

We also all know they won’t work. But their promises are so deliciously seductive that we devour them anyway, lying to ourselves, swallowing old disappointed tears. We build our mirrors out of their promises, Perfect Perfect Perfect. And we stare into them and we crack.

You are worth more than that. I am worth more than that.

When I was up to my neck in eating disorders and depression, I cried out. But no one was talking about true beauty, believing in it, trying to figure it out. Silence is deadly.

UNGLOSSED is about yelling at the top of our lungs into that silence. Screaming, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

You are so much more lovely than what the world is telling you you’re supposed to be. Perfection is no longer the expectation. You don’t have to be flawless to be beautiful. Make your own beautiful, thin or fat, straight hair or curls, big noses, bony noses, acne, easy blushes. It doesn’t matter.

Build new mirrors from new expectations.  Be proud of yourself as you already are under your skin. Join hands with us as we stand apart from the people who sell us perfection.

Let’s shout!

– Rebekah Burcham


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