photo: Scion Cho

– Rebecca Pletcher

Alice fell into Earth, Tumble-twisting fast.

Hit the ground, was pushed around, told to play the role that was cast.

Deciding to go home she ran

From her curious Wonderland

A world no fun, a need to run

Alice was no fan


I’ll stay not in Wonderland,

A white rabbit holding my hand,

Telling me that I must be,

The Alice they expect of me.

One to determine who stole the Queen’s tarts,

One to play their trivial parts.

The path is one that I command,

It’s my fantastic Wonderland.


The Body Lies

– Robyn Pittenger

We all say Blasphemy
But we all do the same

For shame
The soul doesn’t fit
and there’s nothing to fight

A shape you detest
But you don’t want to deny Him

Look at her heart
The body lies.

The Beauty You Seek

Photo: Sandy Crow

– Sandy Crow

You hate your own reflection,
And it won’t set you free.
You’re striving for perfection
Till you like what you see.

But how will that day satisfy,
When the beauty you seek
Is never quite right in your eyes
And it’s only skin-deep?

So you search in the wrong places
For perfection that lasts,
Hope to please the handsome faces
Just by wearing a mask.

But the mask is suffocating,
And it can’t hide the face
That you think is so degrading,
And wish you could erase.

In the depth of your frustration,
You hear a gentle voice:
“Child, this is my creation,
And your face was my choice.”

Not Your Friends


by Rebecca Pletcher


Yawn, stretch, open your eyes.
Go into the bathroom for your daily disguise.
While iron heats up, go makeup your bed,
Then glob on the makeup, straighten hair ‘till it’s dead.
Black on the eyes and red on the cheeks,
Hoping to see that guys take quick peeks.
Now come the clothes, three sizes too small,
You squeeze to fit in, barely fitting at all.
Now picking out shoes, that tedious chore.
Maybe those girls will treat you like you’re worth more.
This will all work out, pay off in the end
American Girl, they are

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