Our Mission

photo by kira klemmer

UNGLOSSED is a conversation about real beauty. It’s an online magazine filled with the words of all of us – you, me – leaping into life with open eyes. It’s dedicated to peeling back the confusion to reveal shining truth in the lives of girls everywhere, in all its beauty and grit, sunshine and shadow.  We’ll be wrong sometimes. We’ll be right sometimes. But we are dedicated to TRUTH.

We test ourselves and the world around us, test beliefs, test what we’ve accepted, test the things we take for granted. We talk about what beauty is and what beauty isn’t. What matters, what doesn’t. We talk about more than “inner beauty” – we talk about beauty you can see.

We publish works from all religions and POVs, as we want this to be a place of live discussion and insight. Just because something appears on UNGLOSSED doesn’t mean we agree with it – all it means is that it contains a valid idea that everyone should weigh against their own beliefs. Read with your eyes open, questioning everything. That’s what it means to be alive, after all.

Our mission is to show the beauty in life that requires no cosmetics, Photoshop, or camouflage. We stride boldly together into the seething confusion and tell what we see – the real, the raw, and the beautiful.


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