Photo by Laura M.

– Laura M.

It’s everywhere. On television, on magazine covers, on posters in the mall and even on the products we buy. It’s whispered and murmured among girls in public school bathrooms. It’s a message that’s being hammered into the heads of every young girl in the U.S. who is probably insecure as it is.

Starve yourself for a couple days on this new diet and you’ll look totally sexy. If you don’t have this makeup on your face the boys won’t notice you. Dye your hair this color. Take this pill. Wear this jewelry; that dress. If you don’t you’re ugly. Ugly. Ugly. UGLY.

This message blares in our faces, impossible to ignore and threatening to overwhelm us . . . and it’s one that many of us unfortunately fall prey to. We’re growing up with this disgusting lie being thrown at us again and again and again until finally we believe it. We look to it as solid truth. We say, I’m not okay the way I am. I could be better. I need to be better. I’m worthless unless I do what everyone else is doing. Ugly. Useless. I’ll never be accepted.

This isn’t true. You’re not worthless just because you’re not the world’s definition of beautiful.

Be yourself. There’s just one you, and you are special. God loves you, not the world’s definition of what you “must be”.

Look at your fingerprints and then compare them to a family member’s or a friend’s. Not a one of them is the same, is it? No. We were all born with different fingerprints. Different bodies. Different faces. Different personalities. We. Are. All. Different. God made each one of us billions of people on this earth unique; gave us all a different purpose and different gifts.

Don’t fall prey to that lie you’re hearing every day. You don’t need to be everyone else; you just need to be you, because there’s a purpose only you have. Having a totally flawless face or body doesn’t make your life perfect. Only God makes us perfect and we define ourselves through Him, not through a broken, fallen world’s opinion of physical beauty.

And trust me, I know far too well how easy it is to slip into such a mindset. Every time I see a girl that is skinny or that has a pretty face I’m instantly comparing, going, “Wow. She’s so SKINNY. That’s so unfair,” or, “Why can’t my hair look like that?!” But you know what that’s saying to God? “God, You didn’t make me right!” Imagine a potter making a vase. As he gets up to wash his hands, the vase starts jumping up and down, screaming, “I DON’T LIKE THE WAY YOU SHAPED ME! YOUR WORK IS TERRIBLE!” That’s what I have to remind myself when I’m complaining about my body or really anything—I’m basically telling God, who is a holy, wise, all-knowing God that does all things perfectly, that He has made a mistake.

Physical beauty fades with time and it won’t give you eternal life. In the end, it will matter if you had true beauty in your heart: the beauty that comes from God dwelling in you. A beauty that will never, ever fade.

Have something to say about true beauty? A story to tell? A question to ask? We’d love to hear from you.


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