What is true beauty?

Photo: Michael King

– The Guy

True beauty… the stuff of legend. It is said that one may find true beauty in the fountain of youth. Or, for lack of magical enchantment, at your local Bath and Body Works. Or the tanning salon. Or maybe if you got the perfect outfit… right down to the color of the paint on your toenails or the style of your socks. But all these things miss the mark.

People know they can make a ton of money when you believe that outside beauty matters most, so they sell you on the idea any way they know how. In the TV show, they cast a girl with outside beauty to be the girl who gets the hunk. They sell their products as ways to perfect and showcase your body so that you can get your own hunk. But what is a hunk except a male with shallow outer beauty? You know, the guy who has muscles a foot thick but his character is shallower than a mud puddle? Yeah, hunk.

It’s not that outside beauty is wrong, it’s just that it is worthless when you ask it to stand alone. Outside beauty needs inside beauty to back it up – to make it real. That’s why beauty pageants ask their competitors questions about character, ideals, and such; this is where true beauty lies. Character traits such as honesty, kindness, true humility (see, “Mice and Lions”), generosity, and faithfulness are the building blocks of true beauty. True beauty stands on its own, whether you have the perfect body or whether you are a burn victim, you can have the same inside beauty.

True beauty is an inside job; it requires the heart and soul to exude a glow.

Take, for example, Cinderella and her stepsisters. Cinderella has a heart of service and faithfulness that outshines any pearls and fancy dresses her stepsisters may wear. When the prince gets a chance to meet Cinderella, he knows he has stumbled upon someone valuable, and when she goes AWOL on him, he searches the kingdom to find her again. He did not go in search of the other glass slipper; he was interested in the girl who had worn the slippers.

But, in my opinion, the most beautiful person in history is Jesus… Why? He didn’t look any different from any other Jew who was alive at the same time He walked the earth; but His actions, His attitudes, and His priorities proved that His heart motives, attitudes, and character were absolutely flawless. That is beautiful.

So, how do you get true beauty to back up your outside beauty? Well, you become like the people you hang out with the most, so I figure if you spend a lot of time with someone who has inside beauty, those traits will rub off on you. And there is only one person I know who has an absolutely flawless inner beauty. Jesus.

And being resurrected, He’s alive today. Being the Son of God, He’s available all the time. When all your friends are busy or sleeping, He’s ready to have a chat with you. It’s easy to end up spending a lot of time with Him. So, the best way I know to gain true beauty is to be in a real relationship with Jesus, the prototype of true beauty.

It’s not easy (just think of what Jesus had to go through!) but I have found it totally worth it.



  1. Hades said,

    May 24, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    I can think of several others with “flawless ineer beauty.” Buddha for one. Lao-Tzu, Ghandi, and the Dali Llama would be other excellent examples. I do not for onee minute dispute that Jesus was an inspiring mystic and prophet, but I think it is important to widen our spiritual lense and look at the teachings of other amazing leaders.

  2. Hades said,

    May 24, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Sorry, inner, and one. My key board is really small so it’s hard to type.

  3. Ci-ci said,

    May 29, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    That was great. I love your analysis of Cinderella and her prince, as well as your description of the hunk. Great artical. Keep writing.

  4. Sandy said,

    November 26, 2011 at 5:50 am

    Hades, all those other prophets were sinners. None of them could truly claim to live an absolutely FLAWLESS life. None of them loved you, none of them cared enough to die for you, none of them conquered death FOR you, and none of them promise perfect peace and everlasting life.

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