Robyn Pittenger is a seventeen-year-old rebel who lived through childhood obesity, an early bout of depression and a crisis of faith, and still struggles with a bad temper and self-esteem. She believes in the freedom of individuality and the absolute power of God in all areas of life. Through writing, actions and simple “being there,” she hopes to make a call to action that will make teens everywhere take a stand for what they believe.

When she’s not acting onstage or writing, she loves reading, watching movies, playing with theatrical make-up and walking in the woods. She is a brown belt in jujitsu.

Rebekah Burcham is a princess. All little girls are princesses, and she aims never to grow up. She’s crawled through witchy forests of depression and cutting, and dueled eating disorders and goblin voices in her head, but once again Light has triumphed over Darkness.

She’s been writing since she was seven (mostly fantasy, of course) and reads Aristotle, Hemingway, and J.K. Rowling in her spare time. She speaks a smattering of French, is a vegetarian, has read Pride & Prejudice more than she’d like to admit, and recently applied to Starbucks because of a mad love affair with the smell of coffee. Today, however, she prefers the taste of tea.

She is  determined to fight today’s dragons and face the truth, learning to love people by living the real out on her face instead of being obsessed with the trendy and the unoffensive.

Jesus is her lifeline, everything else is just band-aids.

Check out her blog at:


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