We are currently accepting submissions that fall under the following:

Articles: Unglossed truth about real beauty, fake beauty, and everything that falls between – like confidence and self-esteem.

Ordinary Testimonies: Undramatized testimonies of real girls struggling with real problems – and doing really beautiful things.

Photography & other Artwork : Unaltered shots of real beauty – girls doing big things, girls without make-up smiling straight at the camera, girls being selfless and brave.

Poetry: Unblinded words that strike us deep about beauty and being beautiful.

If you have something that you think goes with our mission, but we don’t have a place for it yet, send it to us anyway and we’ll consider it.

We accept submissions from all religions and POVs, as UNGLOSSED is a hub of thought and discovery. Just because we publish something doesn’t mean we agree with it – all it means is that it contains a valid idea that everyone should weigh against their own beliefs – just like our Mission says. However, if something truly offends our knowledge of what is good and right – like if you’re advocating murder or starving yourself  –  we will reject it.

We have the right to lightly tweak (think commas) your submissions. Nothing big, we promise.

Please include your name and an email we can contact you at. Send all submissions to

We only consider electronic submissions.

Thank you!

Robyn Wilde

Rebekah Burcham


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