Caged Bird

Just as they clip the wings of the caged bird, so they clip mine.

Afraid to question that which we have been told, we

hide behind the illusion of calm, blissful normalcy.

I live inside the tight confines of my gilded prison.

They put locks on my mind and lace me into the rules

and regulations of society.

We are forbidden to want more than riches

and recognition, more than silks and safety.

The one who dares to test the

boundaries and think for herself

is branded an outcast,

one of the diseased

that dared to think.

They tell us that we are unique,

a diamond in the rough,

and then chip away

and polish us into oblivion.

They make us the shining gems of their narcissistic,

superficial society, a gleaming trophy to be possessed.

– Rebecca Pletscher


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