“From the SURFACE…”

photo: rebekah burcham

From the SURFACE:

She has a clear, tanned face and perfect eyebrows.
I have acne and bushy eyebrows.

She has poker-straight blonde hair.
I have a frizzy mess of dark curls.

She is a mere 115 lbs, most of which are “good curves”
I’m pushing 130 lbs, and have barely any chest or butt.

She wears the flashy, small, strapless prom dress; the one that hugs her every curve.
I wear the long dress that flatters my body, but covers up every “good” part.

She dates the hot jock, and is constantly surrounded by a circle of “cool friends”.
I am single, and have a small group of mis-fit friends.

Society says she is “THE ideal girl, who has it all”
Society tells me “Just follow these 450 (000,000,000) rules and YOU can (possibly) have it too!”

The REAL deal:

She needs about two hours every day to apply her makeup and tweeze.
I wake up, wash my face, and wear a smile.

She won’t go swimming in fear of “frizz”.
I put a little mousse in my hair and hope for the best.

She only picks at her food, and won’t even look at pizza or french fries.
I can go out with everyone and eat hoagies, pasta, pizza or ice cream.

Thanks to her “perfect” dress, she can’t do more than sway to the music at the prom.
I can let loose, and dance the night away.

Her boyfriend cheats on her every other party, and her friends ditch her on a regular basis.
All my friends would beat the crap out of any guy or girl that tried to hurt me.

She is the girl who has only the appearance of a perfect life.
I wont regret a single second of my “awkward” teen years.

– by Jordan Cramer


  1. Sandy Crow said,

    January 14, 2011 at 5:45 am

    model: me. Thanks for including that, Bekah—you know you couldn’t have done it without my feet =P

  2. Myth said,

    January 26, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Ha ha ha, Sandy xD

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