“Put on your face”


photo: kira klemmer

Put on your face

Put on your face

Put on your face

I have a face

Put on your face

They want me to wear a new one,

a perfect one,

one they made

Put on your face

Put on your face

Put on your face


Reshaping the eyes

Reddening the lips

Refreshing the cheeks

Remaking the eyebrows

Recreating the lashes

Re- re- re- reality?

Put on your face

Put on your face

Put on your face


I like my imperfections.

I like the quiet greenness of my eyes,

and the softness of the lashes.

I like the little impression between my nose and upper lip.

I like my dark, mobile eyebrows,

and my nose that some people say is large,

but I call Roman.

I like the shape of my skull,

the way I can feel it just below my skin.

My face.


shaving, scraping, pinching, tucking,

painting, plucking, straightening, tanning,

smoothing, softening, padding, trimming,

slimming, filing, polishing, shaping,

carving away the human

to find the “feminine”


I know where to look,

I know where to find the instructions to make the mask

I know that the real me, the me-ness, the individuality,

could all disappear forev-Put on your face!

Put on your face!

Put on your face!

I have a face!

Put on your face!

IHAVEAFACE! (Put on your face, put on your face, put on your…)



a face efface erase replace in place implant impersonate…

Sunrise. The grey sunrises in autumn that burn away

the mists in the valley below. That is beautiful.

Monumental sandstone arches

Pale eyed fish with paler scales

A subterranean lake.

A pine tree.

An fly’s eye.

A floating mote of dust illuminated in distilled



PUTONYOURFACE(nah nah nah I can’t hear your!)


(efface! erase! replace! IN PLACE! IMPLANT!)


(shaving, scraping, pinching, tucking,)


(straightening, tanning, smoothing, softening)






To find the feminine they’ll cut you apart

They’ll steal your bones

With their sharp steel knives

I saw a video of plastic surgery

Cutting cutting cutting

They cut off her eyelids and reattached them


Carving carving carving as with a knife on a block of soap

Carving away at the human soap,

getting rid of the excess.


I have a face.

I rest my case.


– Hannah Harris



1 Comment

  1. Rebecca Pletscher said,

    December 19, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    This poem is absolutly amazing and I fell in love with it the first moment I saw it. It is fantastic and you should keep it up.
    — Ci-ci

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